Student Council

CBC has a long tradition of student representation. The role of the CBC Student Council is to liaise with the school authorities about issues concerning the students in sixth year but also the main student body.
In recent years it was decided to expand the representation on the Student Council to students from all years. The aim of this was to let students from all class groups have a say in issues that affect them. Due to the size of the school, we decided to break the Council into two groups. One council for junior students and one for senior students. We also decided to have a steering committee between the two groups. Elections are held within each class group to select a student representative.
The Student Council has an input in such matters as school facilities, school sporting activities, and the school timetable. It also has a role to play in the organisation of the Graduation Ball and the Year Book. It also looks at working with the Parents' Council in areas such as charitable fundraising the the school newsletter.

 Student Council 2017/18

Student Council 2017

Student Council Academic Year 2017-2018 with Mr Pól O Sheanacháin

CBC 0061 copy

School Captain Luke Otter    
School Vice-Captain John Bourke    
Secretary Charlie Walsh    
    Sean Crowe 1A27  
    Sean Murphy 1A28  
    Eoghan Rodahan 1A29  
    Donagh Griffin 1A30  
    Fergal Desmond 1A31  
    Colm Moynihan 2A6  
    Brian Dwyer 2A9  
    Charlie Walsh 2A9  
    Darragh O Flynn 2A16  
    Dan O Connor 2A20  
    Wanfred Waterman 3A3  
    Fionn O Brien 3A14  
    Darragh Lee 3A21  
    Matt Mallon 3A22  
    Robbie Kelleher 3A33  
         4th Years  
    Jamie Barry    
    Donagh Rice  
    Louis Buckley  
    Conor Cronin  
    Jack O Kelly  
    Patrick Coakley 5th Year  
    Jude Russell McEnaney 5th Year  
    Donagh O Callaghan 5th Year  
    Tommy O Connell 5th Year  
    Anthony Ryan 5th Year  
    Matt Hanrahan 6th Year  
    Shaun Philpott 6th Year  
    Colin Sisk 6th Year  
    Billy Wallace 6th Year  
    Harry O Shea 6th Year  


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